Support for Beoavia Student Competition Team

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Couple of years ago a group of students from University of Belgrade has started a local student competition team to compete in the aviation related competitions. We have started to support them to give back to our community.

A team called `Beoavia, named after capital city of Serbia – Beograd, where our company and the University are located competed for 4 years in the Airbus Sloshing rocket competition and last year, they have won this competition organized by Airbus and Euroavia.

It is an impressive and amazing fact that the team from the small country which is not a part of the EU can compete in the competition opened for the whole world and win and we are grateful for representing the engineering legacy of our capital city Beograd.

The representatives of Beoavia joined us this week to talk about what we can do to help them this year and to show them some of the state-of-the-art technologies which we have introduced in the last year such as collaborative robotic welding.

We would have supported Beoavia even if they did not win any awards… Happy Easter!

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