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  • Torque Tightening Adapter

    Torque Tightening Adapter

    Remember the story of Archimedes saying that he could lift the Earth with small force but long enough lever? Now imagine a nut on the jet engine which is requiring torqueing with a torque wrench capable of 16700 Nm (or 12000 lb fts) torque. This is the same if you would apply a 1kg on…

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  • Jet Engine Nozzle Assembly Transportation Trolley

    Jet Engine Nozzle Assembly Transportation Trolley

    There are many ways to transport expensive precise jet engine components such as nozzle assembly. You can transport them in a wooden cradle like on the photo number 2. But if you want a piece of mind, the best is a dedicated, tailored, bespoke transportation trolley (mini engine stand) with proper shock absorbers such as…

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  • Robotic welding for top precision

    Robotic welding for top precision

    Why we use robotic welding on single piece items? So we can drink a coffee and relax during inspection as it will give us XXX,00 measurement. In order to give you the best precision for your jet engine and aircraft tools

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About Us

Customer Centric, Employee Centric, Support for Community

Konelek is manufacturing company specialized in aviation and jet engine tools manufacture. We have started as a low-cost producer in 2011. and today we are in the position to invest more in the high tech technologies and people development to ensure best quality products.

Being family owned we don’t have to bow to stock holders.

Tree of our main stakeholders that we cherish:
– Customers satisfaction
– Employee Satisfaction
– Give back to our community

Our goal:
– Advance Engineering and Hi Tech Manufacturing as a discipline