Quality is in our dictionary synonym for two different but connected concepts: Overall Quality Policy and Quality Inspection.

Quality Policy


The aviation industry, in the process of globalization, represents one of the largest and most influential industries with crucial importance for the development of the world economy. In the pursuit of fulfilling demanding goals in terms of maintaining its position and gaining a larger share in the international market, the company Konelek bases its business on improving quality and the quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the internationally recognized standard ISO 9001:2015.

There are three principles on which our success is based: our goal, our task and our values:

Our goal → The return of Serbia to the aviation map of the world
To become recognized by the world’s major manufacturers as a preferred partner for aerospace products and services that stands on the shoulders of a superior workforce. Our goal is the return of Serbia to the aviation map of the world, which can be briefly described by the saying: Serbia is the center (“Serbia is not a suburbia”).

Our mission → Creating jobs in the aviation industry

Our task is to make Konelek a sustainable business that creates profit on the wings of technology, innovation and knowledge transfer.

Our values → Equal conditions for all

Konelek tries to maintain high standards by offering equal conditions for all employees regardless of age, gender, level of education. To that end, Konelek will try to reach and surpass the level of participation of women and girls in the total number of employees in the mechanical and aerospace industry in the world.

Our values → Quality product and service

Our goal is to respond with complete commitment to all the demands of our customers, as well as all interested parties, creating top quality products that will satisfy all their needs and expectations. Achieving the complete satisfaction of our customers is the basis of our successful business. The top management of the company constantly improves all individual processes and the entire quality management system, promotes awareness of the process approach and thinking based on business risks, aligns business with legal and other regulations.

Our values → Tradition and kindness → Creating a brand

We want to achieve and nurture long-term partnership relations with customers and all interested parties. We create recognition with the quality of our products and services. Our goal is fair play and social responsibility.

Our values → Improvement and improvement → Long-term development plan

With good organization, expertise, continuous education and training of employees, and the application of the most modern techniques and work technologies, the company Konelek. guarantees the top quality of its products and services to all customers, business partners and associates. The long-term development of the company is based on this.

The company exposes its management system to assessment, analysis and changes, with the aim of constant improvement and improvement.

Quality Inspection

We have developed over years experienced quality inspection department where we try to capture past processes, past knowledge and lessons learned in order to deliver top quality products. Our quality inspection department is working with state of the art hardware and software tools in order to make their work easier and more efficient.