Manufacturing Capability

Our machine pool consists of the following machines:

•Maho 900C milling machine 4 axis, envelope 1000x1000mm (turning table) , quantity 1

•Maho 700C milling machine 3 + 2 axis , envelope 700x700mm (turning table) , quantity 1

•Maho 600C machining center 3 axis, envelope 600x4500mm (turning table) , quantity 1

•Maho 500C, E, E2 milling machines and machining centers with 3 and 4 axis, envelope up to 500x500mm, quantity 4

•Haas VF2SS, 5 axis maching center ,envelope 762x406mm, quantity 1

•Haas Tl-1, CNC lathe, 406x762mm, quantity 2

•Haal Cl-1, CNC lathe, 126mm dia x 200mm length with 3rd axis (live tooling), quantity 1

•Wire erosion Fangzhang 500x400x500mm

•Electrode Erosion Dieter Hansen 350, 350x250mm

•Mobile Electrical Erosion

To be introduced in 2023:

  • Haas UMC 500 – 5 Axis
  • CNC Plasma/Flame Cutter

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