Our core skills include engineering design of aerospace structures and systems and aerospace tooling. Our teams of engineers work in partnership with clients to undertake work packages either in our own offices or on client’s premises. Providing comprehensive support throughout the design, development, and manufacturing cycles.

Aerospace Structures Engineering

Our team has experience in design, stress analysis, fatigue and damage tolerance assessment of metallic and composite aerostructures

Konelek has successfully finished design and stress analysis of the complete general aviation aircraft structures. In the area of the civil and regional aircraft we have been part of the larger teams working on projects such as Airbus A350-1000 and Bombardier C-Series.

Conceptual and detail design of metallic, composite and hybrid structures using state of the art CAD, PDM and PLM tools. Static (linear and non-linear) analysis using hand calcs and FEM methods (GFEM, IFEM, DFEM). Damage Tolerance & Durability Analysis, Residual Strength Analysis, Fail Safe Analysis.

Aerospace Systems Engineering

Our experience in systems engineering includes: systems safety assessment (FHA, FFA, FTA, PSSA, SSA, FMEA), Requirements Based Engineering, DOORS databases, Particular Risk Analysis, Systems Segregation and Architecture

.In the area of systems installation we have experience in systems like: Electrical Systems Installation, Hydraulic Systems Installation, Bleed Air, Fuel Systems, Pitot Systems, Piston Engines. Members of our team gained experience in designing systems installation on brand new general aviation and civil aircraft and on the passenger to freighter conversions.

Aerodynamics, Flow and Thermal Analysis

Offering CAD design of Aerodynamic surfaces and structures and aero dynamic analysis

We can offer CAD design of Aerodynamic surfaces and structures and aero dynamic analysis by conventional and CFD tools including airfoil design and selection. Additionally we offer flow and thermal analysis by computational tools and hand calc methods.

Landing Gear

Konelek has experience in landing gear design

Konelek has experience in landing gear design including: general lay-out, attachment concepts, kinematics and detailed design studies, gear positioning and tyre sizing by checking several constraints (balance and stability, door clearance…), weight assessment and variation versus major drivers (design weight, attachment, kinematics), state of the art knowledge of materials, coatings, processes (Custom 465, Forcemate cold working design, Toughmet bushes design), fusible structure design for crash-worthiness and fuel tank intact retention.

We also have experience in ground loads calculation and reporting for the different combinations of landing gear, aircraft and manoeuvre with high level of accuracy, rigid and flexible multibody formulation, Geometry and mass and stiffness and damping information, advanced tyre modelling.

Definition and design of the drop tests of landing gears and complete aircraft.

Tooling Design and CNC programming

Konelek takes tooling design very seriously, this is for us important part of what we do and part of our DNA.

What allows us to have good success in creating cost effective and working design is our experience in manufacturing gained in our tool manufacturing shop floor. We have experience in: Aircraft assembly tooling design (up to the size of the complete final assembly lines), Machining fixture design, Lifting slings, GSE ground support equipment, drilling and fettling tools, laser alignment tools, bootstraps, lifting cradles, zero-stress jacking tools subassembly tooling, layup moulds, etc.

Konelek also offers CNC programming and varication services. This capability covers high speed, multi-axis machining techniques, and machine tools, from machining cells to long bed multi-axis / multi-spindle machines.

More electrical aircraft and fly by wireless

We are involved in state of the art research in fly by wireless aeronautical technologies. We have
state of the art experience of implementation of more electric aircraft technologies like electrical braking systems.

Mechanical Systems

Konelek provides dynamic and kinematic analysis that can evaluate the behaviour of mechanical systems

We provide dynamic and kinematic analysis that can evaluate the behaviour of mechanical systems such as landing gear, control surfaces, doors, overhead bins, etc., prior to the availability of a physical prototype.

Case study

CMM machine Wenzel up and running!

June 27th, 2017|Comments Off on CMM machine Wenzel up and running!

We got our CMM machine Wenzel Smart CMM calibrated and up and running. Our inspectors got trained to use the equipment. Calibration and training were done by Wenzel authorised service providers.

NDT testing certification

June 26th, 2017|Comments Off on NDT testing certification

We have now non destructive testing capability using dye penetrants!

Kit Flap Rigging from our production

June 5th, 2017|Comments Off on Kit Flap Rigging from our production

CAD images and the real product look very alike