About us

Konelek is privately owned engineering company specialized in providing engineering design
and manufactured products in aerospace.

Quality management policy

The aviation industry, in the process of globalization is one of the largest and most influential industries with critical importance for the development of the world economy. In striving to fulfil demanding objectives regarding the maintaining the position and gaining more share in the international market, the company Konelek D.O.O. has its business based on quality improvement and quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the internationally recognized ISO 9001: 2015. There are three principles that underpin our success: our goal, our mission and our values:

Our goal – To put back Serbia to the aviation map of the world

Our goal is to become recognized by major manufacturers in the world as a preferred partner for aviation products and services that stand on the shoulders superior workforce. Our goal is to return Serbia to the aviation map of the world which can be summarized in saying: “Serbia is not suburbia”.

Our task – Sustainable business in the aviation industry

Our task is to Konelek a sustainable business that generates profits on the wings of technology, innovation and knowledge transfer.

Our values – equal conditions for all

Konelek trying to keep the high standards by offering equal conditions for all employees, regardless of age, gender, level of education. To this end Konelek will try to reach and surpass the level of participation of female employees in the total number of employees compared to the mechanical and aerospace industry world average.

Our values – Quality product and service

Our goal is to have complete devotion aimed to meet all the requirements of our customers, as well as all stakeholders, creating high quality products that will satisfy all their needs and expectations. Achieving complete satisfaction of our customers is the foundation of our successful business. Top management constantly is improving all the processes and the quality management system as a whole, is promoting the conscience about the process approach and thinking based on the assessment of the business risks and is adjusting the business with legal and other regulations.

Our values – Tradition and kindness  – Branding

We want to achieve and nurture long-term partnerships with customers and all the stakeholders. With the products and services quality we create visibility. Our goal is fair play attitude and social responsibility.

Our values – Training and improvement – long term development plan

By the good organization, professionalism, continued education and training of employees, and using the latest techniques and technologies the company Konelek D.O.O. guarantees to all customers, business partners and associates  the superior quality of its products and services. This is our long term development goal of the company. Our system of management is exposed to assessment, analysis and changes for continual improvement and development.

Case study

CMM machine Wenzel up and running!

June 27th, 2017|Comments Off on CMM machine Wenzel up and running!

We got our CMM machine Wenzel Smart CMM calibrated and up and running. Our inspectors got trained to use the equipment. Calibration and training were done by Wenzel authorised service providers.

NDT testing certification

June 26th, 2017|Comments Off on NDT testing certification

We have now non destructive testing capability using dye penetrants!

Kit Flap Rigging from our production

June 5th, 2017|Comments Off on Kit Flap Rigging from our production

CAD images and the real product look very alike